Who fix the cigarette prices?

Who fix the Marlboro Cigarette price

Most people in the Western world have lived their entire lives with the knowledge that cigarettes going to become so costly because of greedy governments trying to squeeze every penny they can get out of smokers.

This is not the whole truth. According to the World Health Organization, the reality of the situation is that although the retail prices of cigarettes have seen a continuous rise over the years. The actual percentage of this money that is collected by the government has been steadily decreasing. In fact, the value of State revenues from cigarette taxation nowadays is less than half of the value it was in 1965. In the meanwhile, the retail prices of cigarettes have never been higher than they are today.

So where does the money go?

Cigarette smokers have been left at the mercy of Big Tobacco enterprises. These companies monopolize the tobacco industry, allowing them a free hand to charge whatever they want to with minimal supervision and interference from consumer protection organizations. This is made possible by the anti-smoking lobbyists and public sentiment which seems to find it okay for smokers to be denied the protections that all other tax-paying citizens enjoy. High cost what needs to be paid by smokers could be better used. For purchases food, clothing, consumer goods, or any other constructive expenditure for smokers and their families, but the laws are silent when it comes to the economic welfare of tobacco users. It is an unfortunate state of affairs, if not downright theft.

The Big Tobacco Industrialists

According to Henry Ford. One of the world’s all-time greatest industrialists and de facto father of the modern car. The modern industrialist abide by this golden rule;

Make the best quality goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.

The tobacco industry would have made Ford shudder.

It doesn’t require advanced knowledge of applied quantum statistics to work out the profit of a cigarette manufacturer. Even without the exact formulation of a particular cigarette brand. We only have to examine the tobaccos used in the blending process. The amounts of reconstituted tobacco and other materials used as well as the filter and paper. Go on to factor labor cost of the country of manufacturing origin. Gather together market quotes and costs, and you will have a decent idea of what exactly it costs a cigarette manufacturer to produce one cigarette from farming to shop counter. Compare this unit cost with what you pay for and there you have it! You know just how much the company clears.

The real Marlboro Cigarette cost price.

By this method, we came to the finding that it takes $1.20 to produce a carton of Marlboro brand cigarettes in the United States, while the very same carton retails for $7.00 before tax! This tells us that cigarette production is probably the most profitable legal business in the world! These levels of profit are simply unheard of in other industries. Tobacco Producers has the ability to charge any price they want for their Cigarettes while enjoying a monopoly in the market. The Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), might have been our best chance to regulate this giant, monopolistic industry. It never quite managed to face up to the giant companies controlling the market.

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