The Secret Website To Buy Cigarettes Online

The Secret Website To Buy Cigarettes Online

The Secret Website To Buy Cigarettes Online

Purchasing tobacco and cigarettes in the United Kingdom could be frustrating sometimes, due to its cost of approximately double of its worth when compared with some other countries.

This is why we have outlined all the verifiable places, procedures, and all the information you need to know to enable you to buy cigarettes online in the UK.

We understand how fun it could be to order for absolutely everything you want from the comfort of your home and have it delivered on time with everything in the received package appearing as described.

Davidoff Shape CigarettesMany people in the UK find it fun and affordable to travel to nearby countries just to buy cigarettes or tobacco.

However, they have no reason to travel for cigarettes if they are knowledgeable about how easy it would be to get the same cigarettes without leaving your home.

Today, the awesome news is that there are so many companies all over the internet where people can easily buy cigarettes online in the UK from the comfort of their homes.

You can buy for example Marlboro Gold or Davidoff Gold from these companies using your credit card or Bitcoin depending on the merchant, while you wait patiently for your order to arrive just like when you purchase from Amazon.

However, buying cigarettes over the internet could be frustrating; sometimes, this could be when custom officials enter in disagreement with online cigarette merchants over the Tax Free sales of cigarettes and tobacco.

This, in turn, affects the customers who ordered those detained items; this is really a discouragement for both clients and merchants.

Why are online sales of cigarettes and tobacco on the increase in the UK?

Tax rates associated with sales of cigarettes in the UK are way too high; the government implemented this to possibly frustrate smokers to reduce the number of cigarette consumers in the country.

For this purpose, cigarette smokers now prefer to buy cigarettes online; the comfort and affordability of these services are second to none.

Advantages of buying cigarettes online

●       You will be able to find and buy cigarettes from a genuine manufacturer over the internet 24 hours.

●       You’ll be able to pay for your purchase using the most convenient payment options that are available on the merchant’s website like debit cards.

●       It is affordable compared to buying from a local store in the UK

●       You don’t have to pay for tax, as tax rates could be outrageous while buying cigarettes in UK local stores

●       The comfort of ordering cigarettes over the internet, and having it delivered swiftly is an added advantage that every customer would appreciate.

●       No worries over duty fee

Limitations of online purchase of cigarettes

●       Government agencies may charge outrageous fees (depends on your dealer)

●       You may be exposed to internet fraud by fake online merchants when order cigarettes online.

●       There may be unforeseen circumstances while trying to make delivery; this may lead to delays in the arrival of the ordered cigarettes.

Best place to buy cigarettes online

Best places to buy cigarettes online in 2020

There are a few legit places you can buy cigarettes online; most of these existing websites offer cheap cigarettes without taxes.

However, the unfortunate thing about this is that your order may be shipped to a different location within the country (being the merchants’ preferred choice.)

There are just a few laws for buying cigarettes online; most merchants do not offer replacement solutions whenever customs seize their customer’s orders.

Steps to buying cigarettes online

●       Find your desired online cigarette store by making relevant inquiries on the internet or by choosing from one of the ones listed in this article below.

●       Sign up on the website of your desired and chosen online cigarette merchant, update your shipping information, and contact details for delivery purposes.

●       Browse through the list of cigarettes listed for sale on the website and make your choice accordingly, add the chosen cigarettes to cart, and check out immediately.

●       On the Checkout page, pay via your credit card info,bitcoin or Bank wire you can as well make payment via any payment method which is supported by the merchants.

●       Choose your shipping method and the preferred delivery address, submit your order, and patiently wait for your cigarette to be delivered to your doorstep.

List of places to buy cigarettes online 2020


This is a professional vendor from Leeds UK, offering unique and luxury cigarette brands, cigars, also tobacco products. Three women run Smoke-king, Claire Green, Christine Green & Anna Toepritz (usually known as The Smoke Queens), and this is a sister company to the Paul Green tobacco shop on Headrow in Leeds city center.

The business offers a direct telephone service at 9.30 am – 3.30 pm UK time Mon-Fri and their web site offer secure credit card buying. However, they will solely ship items to the UK, they only sell individual packs, and costs average around £10 per pack (more than many local sellers). On top of that, you must pay postage; a First Class stamp for single items, or above 200g, they charge £3.49. I ordered one package with 3 unique pieces from here in 2015, and they were delivered.

A Dutch company established in 2000 as, Hartman Cigars counts itself with the most widely known and appreciated names in the Dutch cigar-smoking culture. With two unique stores placed in the center of Amsterdam.

Their online store offers single packs and cartons, and you can pay by credit card, several Dutch and German cards, and a secure bank transfer. Or you can walk into one of their high street stores and buy directly. 

Shipping is normally 2-3 days, so a customer should get their order within a week.

Seized or lost consignments will be 100% refunded, either shipped again, with instant tracking and informed customer service options. Shipping to the UK is pricey at 25 euros, making a shipment of these further exotic cigs about the same price as you would spend at home for your usual brand. Shipping to other countries varies.

Proudly held and operated by an enrolled member of the Seneca Nation of Indians. Smokes-Spirits is a Native American company located on the Seneca Nation (a Sovereign Nation) in Western New York. As so, they can deliver products Americans Only, probably without paying taxes.

The brands are essentially always Native American, such as Real, and Native American Spirits. They will take EChecks, Cashiers Checks, Personal Checks, and Money Orders, plus delivery by UPS Express – so orders are insured also guaranteed to arrive within five days (requires an adult signature on arrival).

Buy Marlboro Gold cigarettes online Tax Free

Duty Free King

This is the perfect choice for customers who enjoy buying cigarettes from Eastern Europe; you will be able to purchase a wide range of discount cigarettes and these stores, which can be delivered to countries all over the world. 

The average price for a carton of cigarettes in this online store is around $55, taxes on cigarettes, and the cost of labor in countries within Eastern Europe is considerable, which makes it easier for this company to operate effectively.

An amazing thing about Duty-Free King is that they accept Bank Transfer in GBP & EUR, Bitcoin and for some countries Credit card payments as part of its mode of payment. World wide Free Shipping is available for certain countries.

This is no doubt our first pick and among our top 5 best places to buy cigarettes online 2020

Kindly look out for their FAQ to find out more about how you can buy cigarette online in the UK from the Duty-Free King website with the slogan buy cheap cigarettes online

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

DutyFreeking offers Free Shipping for certain countries. Regular order delivery takes 14-21 working days. DutyFreeKing guarantees that if your purchase is not delivered within the time frames indicated, we will reship at Zero Product cost within 3-5 working days.  You can refuse the parcel and return to the sender if you are asked to pay duty.

Upon receipt of the returned package, the website state they will credit you the full value of the packages we receive.  Taxes are not covered in prices because cigarettes are shipped from authorized duty-free warehouses worldwide. That is the reason why you can buy cheaper online. Destination tax regulations act entirely differently from one country into another.

Tobacco products from the DutyFreeKing cigarette online store are shipped to more than a hundred various countries.

Nevertheless, small personal orders are an exception. Therefore, you can buy discount cigarettes at airports. The quantity of cartons you can buy at the airport varies from country to country.

DutyFreeKing gets products directly from manufacturers or wholesalers and protects our supply chain to make sure that we supply genuine products. All merchandise the Tobacco online store supply has approximately one year from expiry.

Marlboro Gold Marlboro red ad

Most leading brands like Marlboro Cigarettes are delivered fresh to you within a proportion of 14 working days. Due to the favorable taxation regime where online vendors are located, you can take advantage from wholesale cigarette prices.

If your land has high priced tobacco products, now you have a solution to do something about it. Buy cigarettes online and save big.

Still enjoy secure shopping and free shipping.  When you buy your favorite brand online, the order is shipped as quickly as possible. Orders shipped within 24 hours.

DutyFreeKing is dedicated to delivering the freshest tobacco products available by the best possible everyday prices.  Your purchase will be delivered to your door for free.

Online shops allow you to save on your purchase of tobacco products.

Online Merchants know to provide you with the best, lowest and fresh cigar, cigarette, and tobacco products is the key to future growth. The suppliers will ensure that you will be pleased with the services they provide in the online shop to buy cigarettes online.

Ingredients of cigarettes sold in these online shops are the same; the quality is cigs sold in the usual retail stores in the USA or EU.

Some Cigarette selection you can buy online

Marlboro Gold Cigarettes Tax Free buy online

Marlboro Gold cigarettes are one of the most famous brands in the world. It’s all due to its pleasant light blended tobacco including super-smooth taste.

Marlboro Lights / Marlboro Gold is not really an expensive cigarette as one may think, but their quality is deserving the price. There are different cheap cigarettes, though we should not forget that we live once on this earth.

And grant us to enjoy quality tobacco products. The Golden pack and excellent taste make you crave for more cheap Marlboro Lights cigarettes.

The color of gold resembles of an abundant and happy life. This pack’s color is a unisex color so that these cigarettes will serve both women’s and men’s tastes, including visual perception.

They are comfortable to carry in any pocket or in a woman’s clutch that remains so fashionable today.

Do you know that this brand was named after Great Marlborough Street, the original London factory’s location? London has constantly been a Mecca of fashion and complex tastes. Maybe that is why we, when smoking Marlboro Light cigarettes, refer us as modern and experienced smokers on some levels of our consciousness. Or it is only due to the fertile and rich Virginia land where that Marlboro lights / Marlboro Gold producing factory is located now.

It is a disaster, but from January 2007, the product titles denoting lightness can not be used. Tobacco companies are required to change the names to standard “color” names: Marlboro Red (ex Original and strong), Marlboro Gold (ex Light), Marlboro Silver (ex Ultra Light). Those “color names” are previously in use in the European Union. Please carry in mind that the Gold Pack or Marlboro Gold means a light version of this particular brand.

Smoking can seriously harm you and others around you.

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