Replacement Guarantee

All parcels we ship via Courier service by Registered Priority Mail Express and comply with international shipping regulations related to the shipping of duty-free items.

DutyFreeKing offers for each order a one-time replacement Guarantee in events like shipment lost, stolen,  seized, or held at the postal facility for over 12 Weeks.

The conditions are straightforward. 
We will replace the origianl shipment with a 50% Discount on the original order price. Please contact our customer service with your order number mentioned and a copy of the sizer notice letter. DutyFreeKing will arrange a new cheap cigarette shipment as soon as all the conditions are met. In case we receive the original shipment back we will refund the remaining 50% to your mentioned Bank account.   The maximum Cigarette quantity for EU shipments is 400 cigarettes in a single Parcel. 

Conditions Valid for orders from 24-11-2021

Some shipping insights:

We pack in each carton twenty single packs of cigarette (400 cigarettes). This measure ensures the restrictions about the value of Duty-Free products is not exceed.

Each parcel we pack separately, and for safety reason, shipped with a distance between 2-3 days. Means the shipments will arrive in intervals when ordered more than one carton.

Please make sure to fill out the full shipping address details when filling out the order form. We like to make sure you receive your order as soon as possible at your doorsteps.