Sobranie Cigarettes Sample Carton


Each carton contains 5 single packs of original Sobranie Black Russian and Sobranie Cocktail Cigarettes. Original factory sealed. Manufactured by JT International.

Filter Cigarettes in the flip Top box. Sobranie Black: Tar 7mg, Nic. 0.7mg.  Sobranie Cocktail Tar 5mg, Nic. 0.5mg. Queen size 100 mm.

Discount per Total Cart Quantity

Quantity 4 6 10
Price 80.05 77.14 74.66

Discount applicable on the TOTAL quantity of cigarettes in the shopping cart. You can mix the Brands (example: 2 x Camel; 2x Kent; 2 x West)

Buy 4 Blocks of Cigarettes in total get 3.5% Discount. Buy 6 Blocks of Cigarettes in total get 7.0% Discount. Buy 10 Blocks of Cigarettes in total get 10% Discount.

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