Philip Morris introduce Marlboro Marijuana?

Marlboro Marijuana online Fake News

For quite some time there have been rumors that the major tobacco manufacturer would start producing marijuana cigarettes. These stories are a result of what is in the expectation that different states in the US would be legalizing marijuana. The Big Tobacco companies were expected to get a share of the market after the legalization of marijuana. In fact, the rumors attributed to that most states assumed to be legalizing marijuana.
However, the time has proved that those rumors were somehow real. Some states in the US were legalizing marijuana already. Now, most people genuinely believe that the first tobacco companies will start making marijuana.

Philip Morris entering the Marijuana Market?

In 2014 there was an article which claimed that Philip Morris was entering the marijuana market. This particular article quickly spread on social media where many people believed it. The main reason why many people believed the article is that Philip Morris is the most prominent tobacco manufacturer. Many people excited because they thought that they would be able to access high-quality marijuana.

According to the article, Philip Morris was to manufacture the marijuana cigarettes under the brand name of Marlboro M.
Despite the excitement that the article about Marlboro marijuana created, it later established that it originated from a satire website. In fact, the name of the site translates to April fools. This means that the website does not have real news. Instead, the content found on the website is intended to make fun of different things. It even has a disclaimer saying that the content it posts only meant for satire purposes.

Another Satire Website got impressed by the Article and decided to copy the concept. . The content of the second webpage claimed that besides Philip Morris manufacturing only Marlboro cigarettes it would also be manufacturing Marlboro Marijuana. But since the second website was also a satire website many people knew that this was too fake news. But the article still created excitement.

Statement of Philip Morris marketing department.

The vice president from the Philip Morris’s marketing department clarified everything in an interview. The vice president confirmed that the company had been thinking of making Marlboro marijuana for a long time. But
now with more states such as Colorado legalizing marijuana the company would be actualizing the idea. The vice president made it clear that with time the company would be selling marijuana cigarettes in the states
that legalized Marijuana. Despite the announcement by Philip Morris that it would be making Marlboro M, it is important to note that it is yet to sell the Marijuana.

Where to buy cigarettes online?

Duty-free online cigarettes ready to order at a discount price by Unfortunately, Marlboro Marijuana is still not available. Fresh crispy Tobacco and Marlboro cigarettes are indeed possible.

When the company starts distributing Marlboro M, it will be an excellent opportunity to get high-quality recreation marijuana. Consumer thinking Philip Morris as a big Tobacco producer known for enhancing on quality. Users assured that the pot they are getting is of the right quality. The users will also know that the marijuana prepared professionally and as a result cannot cause harm. Therefore, soon it will be possible to get Marlboro marijuana conveniently and straightforwardly.

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