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Why Marlboro Light change to Marlboro Gold cigarettes?

The new packaging of Marlboro Gold has set the competition apart and has strengthened the brand’s credential. Marlboro gold cigarettes are one of the world’s best selling cigarettes. Philip Morris has pursued marketing research and has identified the needs of young adults. The study has helped in designing the new packs of Marlboro and giving them an entirely new identity. The Marlboro gold cigarettes are the world’s number one cigarette brand since 1972.

However, with the introduction of new flavors and categories, the company is facing a legal problem with the State Authorities. Phillip Morris has taken some adamant steps along with the other manufacturers and came out with perfect solutions.

The Reason behind the change

Reasons Why Marlboro light is now Marlboro Gold According to the US. Food and Drug Administration, the cigarettes cannot carry words like light, medium, low, and mild. The administration finds that some smokers think the cigarettes less-harmful due to the words associated with it.

The smokers fail to understand that these terms provide diverse flavors only. Thus, following the verdict, Philip Morris, and other manufacturers have designed colorful packets to segregate each flavor according to colors. Additionally, the words are now replaced with gold, silver, blue and orange brands. Despite the argument by advocates against the use of color, the manufacturers have used the same as a right to know by the customers.

Anticipating the laws and for a better understanding of the consumers, Phillip Morris USA, and its parent company, Altria Group have changed the packaging of around 150 cigarette brands along with Marlboro Gold to comply. Reviews for Marlboro gold and its associated brands are now available in the market in its brand new avatar. The change of packaging has not changed the flavor though. Other than your nearest store, to buy Marlboro cigarettes online is the best way to buy cheap duty free cigarettes.

Marlboro Gold taste better as Marlboro Light cigarettes?

According to smokers who have switched from the previous packaging to the new ones, here are some reviews of the Marlboro Gold cigarettes;
The all-white cigarette box with an inverted V tastes excellent as per its name. The Marlboro light that has now changed to gold is better in taste than any other brands. The Marlboro gold is more expensive than the earlier Marlboro lights. However, you can Buy Marlboro Gold online to save money on taxes.

Despite the change of name, smokers still find the taste of the cigarettes better than any other brands available in the market. The Marlboro cigarettes burn very well as compared to other brands. They also give a good amount of smoke that is not overpowering and does not pollute the air in the room. The design is new and sleek and is one of the best cigarettes brands.

Furthermore, the cigarettes are better in quality due to its less chemical content than other brands. Although it is an expensive brand, you can Buy Marlboro Gold cigarettes online and save money on taxes.
Where can you buy cigarettes online? Duty-free stores are more significant than any retail outlets in the world. Moreover, you can buy a whole range of cigarettes including the exclusive ones in a duty-free shop. Before understanding the advantages of a duty-free store, let’s explore the perspective advantage of buying Marlboro cigarettes at a competitive price. | Buy duty free cigarettes onlineBuying cigarettes online Save You 70% ?

Buying Cigarettes from regular suppliers can become an expensive affair due to the price rise in cigarettes within some countries. The cheap suppliers are those who sell online duty-free cigarettes, where no tax is applied and send from overseas. Means you can legally buy cigarettes like Marlboro gold, Marlboro red label, and its exclusive range without spending money on taxes. Moreover, you can travel overseas and buy cigarettes from duty free stores. Duty Free King is considered the best place to Buy duty free cigarettes online. You may purchase the cigarettes in bulk from the online duty free shops as well. The cost is competitively less in the online cigarettes stores. Due to Tax free shopping and low shipping charges. Depending on the country you belong, you may end up saving up to 70% tax from buying Marlboro cigarettes in duty free shops.

Buying cigarettes online in Bulk quantity Save You additional 40% ?

Buying higher volumes to take discounts as discussed earlier, duty free online stores are the best sellers of cigarettes at low cost. Furthermore, you can save money by buying the cigarettes in bulk from the online cigarette stores. At some duty free online stores, you get exclusive offers on bulk purchase; for instance, buy 6 for the price of 4 or buy 6 and get one pack free. Therefore, this saves you an equal amount of money and gives the advantage of free goods as well. Applying this technique, you save up to 40% cut on your favorite Marlboro Gold cigarettes. Irrespective of what country you belong to, buying cigarettes online will save you money in both ways. Advantages of buying Marlboro form duty free cigarettes online shops. The cigarettes in the duty free stores are not taxable or locally imposed with any value-added taxes. Thus, when you buy them from duty-free shops, you save a lot of tax money. Buying from duty free stores online, aids in making purchase irrespective of where you are or what residency you belong.

Online Tax Free Cigarttes | DutyFreeKing.coFurthermore, you get the privilege of buying cigarettes in bulk and availing bulk discounts. Taxation of cigarettes is different in every country. Thus, purchase from duty free stores online, saves you from individual taxation system. Most of the duty free cigarettes online stores are equipped with robust customer care support. The online outlets promptly answer within 24hrs at max. Ordering and handling process of cigarettes is pretty easy following by instant shipment facilities.

Philip Morris assured there was no change of flavor

The Phillips Morris company, which has launched the new pack has ensured to supply the flavorful and exclusive Marlboro gold with the same traditional flavors. The company has assured the consumers, that despite the change in the packaging, the taste has not changed. Marlboro light is still the same mildly flavored cigarette in the pack of Marlboro gold. The same goes for other product as well. Finally, the important message regarding the newest package with favorite flavors is conveying with the help of retailers and advertisements. The customers can find all the range of their favorite flavors at a lower price on the cigarette online store of Duty Free King.

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    • Dutyfreeking says:

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  2. pauline hayel says:

    hi I live in UK. I was looking for cigarettes that are cheaper than here in UK. I was looking for Palmal menthol green packet. ? also I havnt shopped for this before so can u reasure me that your site us genuine? thanku regards Pauline

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  4. janek says:

    hello, im in Republic of Ireland, looking for Marlboro, just wondering, is it legal /no problems with Customs to deliver them , and what’s additional customs charges applicable, and what’s shipping carrier do you shipping with?

    • Dutyfreeking says:

      HI, It is absolutely legal to order for your own usage cigarettes online. In most cases you will receive your order without any extra duty payment. In case you will be asked to pay Duty you have the option to refuse that and the postal service normally send the parcel back to the sender. In this case, you can ask for a refund.

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