How to Pay my order now

The Payment solution for EU/Canada/Australia +190 more Countries. NOT possible for the USA.

USA based Customers plese follow the link

To offer you the comfortable way to continue to pay by Credit card we select for EU based Costumers the Third Party Provider AZIMO. A top reputated and secure Payment provider.
You can pay your order now directly to our Warehouse by just entering the Total amount of your order in EUR / USD / GBP at the AZIMO payment page. Below the detailed Guideline to go ahead with your payment.

1. Please go to the payment page of AZIMO by click the link and SignUp for an account.

2. Now please follow the below Fill out Guidline.

Fill out Guidline for AZIMO

Select Currency

Please select the Currency you wish to make your payment.

As delivery Method please select Cash Pick-up

Receivers Details

Please follow the details mention beside. Important is you enter the Email address to get the info about your payment.

Add Content as beside

Here is importand to select the Payout location mention beside. You can find the details on the drop down field when click the arrow. When complete please press Continue

Total Amount to send

Please add the TOTAL amount mention on your order confirmation. In case you did your order in EUR and would like to pay in USD you can convert via Oanda

Select the payment option you wish (Credit Card, Sofort Bank Transfer or Bank deposit)

and Press CONTINUE

Card Details

Please add the Purpose of the transaction as mention beside.

Now you can enter your Card details and confirm your payment. As soon the payment is confirmed you are going to receive an Email from Azimo. To speed up the Processing, you may forward the payment confirmation Email to us Hello(@)