Who are you and why should I trust you with my money ?

That’s a good question. The Team behind DutyFreeKing is in the consumer good wholesale business since 2002. From bonded warehouses, in the Duty-Free Zone of Dubai and other countries, we operate and handle the Distribution of your order delivered at your doorsteps. DutyFreeKing focuses on long term customer and has no interest on frauding you out of a few bucks.

  • For this reason please review our testimonials from satisfied costumers who already ordered and received their shipment.

On the end, you don’t need to trust us sometimes in life you need to take a small risk to gain a better deal or price. You still can continue to purchase your tobacco for a 10 GBP or SAVE a 6 GBP per pack. Is on the end up to you. Generally, I will make sure you not going to regret the trust you put into DutyFreeKing.

Which payment methods do you offer ?


Namely,  a digital currency based on the blockchain technology regulated without the need for a Central Bank. Is a way to do payments without anyone’s permission and control.


You can click on the check out page the payment option “Wire or Bank Transfer”. You will see on the check out page the Bank details for EUR, GBP and USD payments. Accordingly to US customer we advise to do the ACH bank transfer to our USD account what has a very low transfer fee.


If you wish to pay by credit card you need to click on the check out page the option “Credit Card Payment.” Currently, we can not provide the option of paying by credit card directly to us due to the Anti Tobacco Policy by the Card network. Visa and Master do not support any payments for Tobacco purchase online.
BUT we found a way to get around that, and you can use the Card payment System PaySend to pay us via your credit card. More details at the LINK.

Are your cigarettes first quality?

Yes, al cigarettes are manufactured by the trademark owners production facility. The cigarettes we are selling all of the newest manufacturing dates. We do not sell outdated products where the shelve lives are already expired.

What is BITCOIN?
  • BITCOIN Is a way to do payments without anyone’s permission and control. If you hear the first time about BITCOIN, please watch the short video below

  • Sounds great? Here some more insights and how to get start. We put together a few infos of “How to get start” .

Where to get BITCOIN?
  • Luckily, there is a lot of services selling Bitcoin – we’ve mentioned a few in our short overview please click. If, there is any confusion or a problem, please feel free contacting us and we’ll do our best to help you out!

To which country do you ship and how much does the shipping cost?
  • We shipping worldwide with exceptions. We charge 23.90 EUR for Registered Express Shipping to Europe. To the USA we charge for Registered Express Shipping 29.00 EUR / 33.50 USD. Shipments to Asia Pacific region cost 34.90 EUR / 40.00 USD
  • Please note we do NOT ship to Arizona / USA. The State of Arizona forbid us to send orders into the State of Arizona.
How long will it take until my order arrive?
  • Shipment variating from 10 to 30 days, depends on the country of destination. The most European countries are reachable between 14 to 18 days. In the past, we even got shipments in 10 days to the USA where another Shipment took almost 20 days to Germany. Postal systems is sometimes a bit unpredictable nor there is no way to interfere into that from our side.

Is there a faster way to get my order delivered?
  • We general use Express service for all our shipments. Ordinary Air Mail shipments are taking longer, getting lost often and can take up to 6 weeks.

  • I advise you to order at least two blocks of cigarettes to compensate the Shipping cost.

  • After the check out you will see the option Courier Express Shipping please click.

  • In fact the shipping time for express shipping is between 14-18 days to Europe, 14-22 Canada, USA, Australia

Do you ship to PO Box addresses?
  • Yes, we do but please consider shipment need to be signed on delivery.

Can I use a Camouflage or Fake name to receive my shipment?
  • For this purpose I suggest using a name for what you have the necessary Id or documentation to have the ability to collect the parcel from the Post office. In case the postal office holds it for you for collection.

How can I return my parcel?

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the delivered products or consider the package contents is not as expected, you may return the parcel back to us, without making any alterations to its inner or outer parts. It may take from 20 to 30 days for our company to receive the returned goods. As soon as we get the parcel/s back, we’ll issue you a refund covering the cost of the cigarettes only or a full refund, depending on each individual case. You are due to receive a notification from our Customer Support right away, informing you about this.

PaySend Credit Card Payments

If you select Credit Card payment by third-party provider” as your payment option, please complete your payment on the PaySend payment page. More Details by clicking the link to the Help Page.

We select PaySend as our third party payment provider because regular credit card payment on online tobacco shops are no more appreciate by the big credit card companies.

What does the parcel going to look like?
  • In fact it will be a properly wrapp parcel inside a white envelope in the size of A4 and the thickness of a book pack. On the parcel is nothing mention related to tobacco. Shipment declared as documents.

Do I need to sign when I receive my parcel?
  • Yes on delivery the postal service going to ask you to sign a confirmation of parcel received. In case you are not at home, the postal service may ask your neighbor to take your parcel or leave a note to collect from the postal office. In general, it depends on local postal services country by country different. For this reason, I advise to not use fake names.

Are the cigarettes on offer on your website Genuine?
  • Yes, all cigarettes on offer on our Website are 100% original. Every pack has a factory seal and manufactured by their legal trade mark owner. The Cigarettes we purchase directly from the official authorized Distributors of the trade mark owner like Philip Morris, JTI, BAT and so on. The Products is produced in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia. Depending on the Brand.

  • Duty and excise taxes are already locally paid on each product what has the genuine Tax label on the packing. Please keep in mind the warning message on the pack is depending on the country of manufacturing in different languages.

How can you offer such a low cigarette Price? And how it comes?
  • We buy from country’s what is poorly develop and the cost of living is significantly lower compare to the west. Obviously this includes much lower cigarette prices and excise duty on cigarettes too. It is also interesting to read the Article “Who sets the cigarette price


Non FSC Cigarettes
  • Non-FSC cigarettes made with no fire retardants added to paper during the manufacturing process. Fire safe cigarettes are made to extinguish more quickly than non-FSC cigarettes. The negative part of having to inhale whole new classes of funky chemicals (there are no findings published on the long term health effects on humans of inhaling them yet).

    Apparently smokers in the United States claim to taste a noticeable difference in the taste of FSC cigarettes from non-FSC cigarettes, comparing it to a copper or metallic taste.

    The cigarettes DutyFreeKing is selling have less fancy chemicals in them and burn faster. Be careful when putting them off.

    Otherwise enjoy the clean, crisp taste of our tobacco products! You probably can’t buy it locally.

Do I'm breaking the law when buying cigarettes from DutyFreeKing?
  • It is a question what I’m hearing often. To buy cigarettes online and receive them by post is absolutely legal without a doubt. Since all our cigarettes are Genuine and with excise tax stamp on the pack. If you feel still not convinced please do your own research about a law what stop you to purchase cigarettes online. If you get any findings please let me know by drawing a short Email

Do I have to pay the Excise Duty?
  • In general, the answer is Yes and No. The detailed version is like that: It is depending to which country you are ordering. In our experience countries like the USA, Spain, the Netherlands as an example is the quote 100:2. What means from 100 parcels 2 will be billed for excise duty. Apparently in the rare case when the costumes are examing the parcels content. I need to mention all our parcel usually not exceeding the quantity of 200-400 cigarettes stick what is the due duty-free allowance in many countries.

    On the other side, there are countries like Australia, UK, Germany or New Zealand where is Excise Duty from time to time applied. From our practical experiences is not often happen what can be count by an average of no more than 10% of the time. Besides the truth is the mail Volume is high enough to make it impractical to scan and verify every incoming small parcel. To mention is in some countries (e.g. Australia, New Zealand), the money you paying us plus the Excise Tax in this country would be still less as buying the cigarettes and the local retail market.

Do you refund me in case I have to pay the Excise Duty?
  • DutyFreeKing offer for each order a one-time replacement Guarantee in events like shipment lost, stolen,  seized, or held at the postal facility for over thirty-five days.

    The conditions are straightforward. We will replace the Product at ZERO product price. Each parcel we need to reship will cost 29 EUR courier fee what would be paid by the customer before we send out the replacement shipment. The maximum Cigarette quantity for EU shipments is 400 cigarettes in a single Parcel. Rest of the world 600 cigarettes in a single parcel. The replacement shipment is valid one time for each order.

    Special conditions for the following Brands:
    Sobranie Black Russian cost an extra fee of 25 EUR for a Block of ten packs and Cigaronnes an additional Fee of 20 EUR for a Block of ten packs.

    Shipping time range from 7-30 business days from the day your order is under dispatch.

    Conditions Valid for orders from 24-11-2018

Will you refund parcels what get lost or stolen?
  • Yes, you will be refunded in the event the parcel gets lost or stolen if you did your order with our SHIPPING Insurance.

    In particular case you order without the Insurance it will be considered on a case by case basis. But just to mention from our experience it is extremely rare the postal service lost one of these parcels. On the end, it is up to your own decision how save you like to be. Most of our clients ordering without the Insurance.

Do you offer Wholesale discounts?
  • Yes for sure (click), please keep in mind reselling duty-free cigarettes could be pretty illegal in your country. While sharing and caring with friends and family not.

Can I make some money with you?
  • For sure, you can help us to spread the word online or by word and are glad to offer you our Affiliate program to make some Duty Free bucks.

On the FAQ page, I mentioned the most common questions. For any other questions just Email me and it will be a pleasure to answer you. Remember, there are never stupid questions, only stupid answers.