Davidoff boudoir cigarettes review


It seems the problem “what to smoke?” is for me, solved.

A little background info. When I started smoking (2010), I usually smoke Kiss strawberry and Kiss apple cigarettes: then I got tired after sometimes. Somehow I saw from my friend Sweet Dreams cigarettes, I tried – and fell in love. Now they, finish, no more supply available, and on sale, I see them very, very rarely.

Yesterday, the day before yesterday, I stood by the tobacco stall, looked at the window and wondered what to buy this time. In the eyes of me rushed novelty: Davidoff Boudoir slim cigarettes. The pack seemed longer than the usual super slims (but the snag, as it turned out, was in the other). I bought a light grade, and they are pink (there are still others like the black ones – five). Previously, somehow, I was not particularly enthusiastic about Davidoff cigarettes (Davidoff Gold super slims only), but as soon as I tried Boudoir, my opinion changed.

So, more in detail. Innovation Davidoff – format ultra super slims. That is while retaining the length of the super slim, the manufacturer reduced the thickness of the cigarette. Naturally, both the new format and the design of the package are focused on women (besides, both types of cigarettes are relatively light). In hand, it looks just fantastic (of course, how much this word applies to a woman who smokes). Directly there is a desire to make up the lips with red lipstick, put on a black dress-case and go to someone to seduce Smile. The taste of cigarettes is pleasant, the smell of an unlit cigarette is also impressive. Resins are almost not felt even “at the end” of a cigarette: it is necessary, even for such thickness the filter is quite good.

But the main advantage is that the Davidoff Boudoir pack – in itself a powerful accessory, it’s nice to show off.

The price, of course, is high, but for the pleasure, you have to pay Smile is my recommendation. Recommended source to buy Davidoff Boudoir slim cigarettes online is DutyFreeKing.co . To mention is Dutyfreeking is a good source to Buy Davidoff Gold Cigarettes at Wholesale Price.

Today I bought a Black (five). What can I tell you? No matter how much I tried to smoke Davidoff, I did not learn anything: normal Davidoff is a five-six. Black Boudoir I prefer more like the pink ones. Of course, I’m an amateur, but it seems to me the black is almost the same as the pink just the packing looks better.

Packing dimensions: 10.2 x 4.9 x 1 cm
Length of cigarette: 9.9 cm
Diameter of the cigarette: ≈ 3.6 mm

Cheers and happy smoking


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