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Sobranie Black Russian Cigarettes

Buy cheap Sobranie cigarettes online is an option that gives you the best experience. Or just in short version “Sobranies”

Sobranie cigarettes are among the oldest and the most foreign brands around the world. The brand name was established in London back in 1879 by the famous Redstone family, and since then these cigarettes have undergone many modifications.

Russians made the original Sobranies, but the trademark is now under Gallaher group where its productions continue with a modified formula, within Europe.

The Sobranie Black Russian cigarettes are one of the best brands you did ever get; its years of modifications have made it stand out. The black Russian Sobranie is black paper with a gold foil filter and has variations that will catch your fancy. When you buy a Black Russian Sobranie cigarette you are sure of many advantages, health-wise this product contains a shallow level of nicotine, and its design suits Russian tastes.

The Black Russian cigarette has a shallow level of Tar which is 7mg, with a nicotine content of 0.7mg, which is not a strong level.
This cigarette is with the Lable of the Russian imperial edge and uses blends that will get your get with fantastic style and packaging.

Coming to Sobranie Cocktail Cigarettes,

there are five separate bright pastels with gold foil filters at the bottom, the ring gauge showing its standard and there are slimmer and deeper types. The primary colors are in use in the packaging of some, but there is a variety of colors for this premium product. Buy this cheap Sobranie cigarette online to enjoy its benefits and its style.


Sobranie Cocktail Cigarettes - DutyFreeKing

Women received a different design to fit their tastes. Hence some slimmer and brighter colored cigarettes have been specially made for women folks who also wish to enjoy Sobranie.

When you buy your Sobranie cigarettes online, you are assured of many things, as this is one of the most exclusive cigarette brands worldwide. This fact is based on worth and want, its price has also been reduced to encourage affordability, and via online you have fast delivery, and high contact, and this product can get to you in a pace of time.

For female smokers,

Sobranie has ensured to give them the best that matches their beauty and style. Different packages design like Sobranie cocktail cigarettes, slim blues, slim pinks, thin mints, super blue mints, and super white mints. These are available in various flavors, reasonable to a minimal level of effects, and also eye catchy. For men, other classic options are available. Include but are not limited to conventional light, white Russian, Black Russian which mention above, classic lights, and Sobranie blue. With their outstanding taste, quality, design, and classy appearance, you are assured of the best experience in the cigarette world.

Buy your Sobranie cigarettes online and enjoy the benefits mentioned above. Also, buy your Sobranie Black Russian cigarettes to appreciate the added values and qualities as this production has made its debut in different aspects.

The manufacturer of Sobranie is always concerned about your health. Hence we have taken extraordinary steps in quality management to ensure your the best Sobranie quality.

According to some health journals, smoking is one of the factors that cause morbidity and mortality in developed countries of the world. Dramatic changes in its prevalence will also ensure longevity among men and women. Sobranie has your interest at heart and unarguably guarantees you get the best possible tobacco quality.

The only known drawback of Sobranie is its price. Which is a bit higher than the average familiar brands you have seen around. DutyFreeKing has ensured you get the Sobranie at an affordable rate, buying it online will also ensure affordability.

Buy your Sobranie black Russian cigarette to ensure you get the best; also buy cheap Sobranie cigarettes online to enjoy the qualities mentioned earlier worldwide.

In conclusion, this product’s production, distribution, and packaging are all geared toward giving you the best. Therefore, ensure you go for quality as your first experience will speak better than words. We at DutyFreeKing will treat you like Royalty because of your Loyalty.

Reviews from our customers who are smoking Sobranie cigarettes over the years read.

“These are my taste, the overall best Cigarette l have seen, very slight in sweetness, mild strength, nothing unwanted. No chemical taste of any sort and little of price. I think it is the price, these cigs are a bit pricey, but the quality is worth it. I think they are also working on the price so we will continue to enjoy the unbeatable quality and flavor”.

Another affirmed

“My wife is smoking Sobranie Cocktail Cigarettes always, these colored cigs with a gold filter are stylish; the price is excellent for its quality. Its popularity is of merit and not of age.”

and one more…

I always look at these cigarettes as an elder brother to other brands especially the Sobranie Black Russian cigarettes with which I am well pleased. If you want to introduce yourself to the world of luxury cigarettes then this is your best option. I feel the need to increase the intensity as I think it lacks a bit of strength but this is the best I have seen so far.”

Many also commented on the Virginia blend, its excellent burn, and its full and smooth strength. Men and women both have their brands specially made as Sobranie has seen and conquered.

Healthwise, your satisfaction, cost, availability, best taste, and fewer side effects are mentioned above in Sobranie Premium quality Cigarettes. The Black Russian brand is also among the best name to grace the Company.

Sobranie is a brand of cigarettes that has a long and storied history. Originally established in 1879 by the Redstone family in London, Sobranie quickly became known for its high-quality tobacco and stylish packaging.

One of the most distinctive features of Sobranie cigarettes is their slim, elegant design. The cigarettes are long and thin, with a smooth, refined appearance that sets them apart from other brands. They are available in a variety of flavors, including classic tobacco, menthol, and fruit-flavored types.

In addition to their unique appearance and flavor options, Sobranie cigarettes are also known for their use of premium tobacco. The company sources its tobacco from around the world, including countries like Brazil, Zimbabwe, and the United States, to create a blend that is rich and flavorful.

Sobranie has a loyal following of smokers who appreciate the brand’s attention to quality and style. The cigarettes have been featured in popular culture, including in films and on television, further adding to their prestige and allure.

While Sobranie cigarettes are not as widely available as some other brands, they can still be found in certain specialty tobacco shops and online retailers. They may be more expensive than some other brands, but for many smokers, the premium quality and sophisticated image of Sobranie is well worth the extra cost.

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  1. Riichard E. Jones. says:

    How refreshing to read an non biased and intelligent article about my favourite and long lost Sobranie, Black Russian cigarettes. I started smoking this elegant cigarette whilst a student at Oxford University in the mid sixties.
    Thank you for making them accessible again. I will certainly be placing an order with you . Riichard E. Jones.

  2. MartinE says:

    Hi, I would love to be able to smoke my Sobranie ‘Cocktails’ here in Australia. What chance have I of you selling to a tobacco store here in Sydney. Or haven’t I found it yet? Thank you for your message 🙂

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Hello, you are still sending me offers for the sale of cigarettes. Probably because I was looking for my favorite Sobranie cigarettes. I want to ask if you are DutyFree and now we are outside the EU, if it is possible for a private person to buy cigarettes from you. And if so, under what conditions? I am from Slovakia. Thank you for your response.

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