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Why did Marlboro Light change to Marlboro Gold cigarettes? The new packaging of Marlboro Gold has set the competition apart and has strengthened the brand’s credentials. Marlboro gold cigarettes are one of the world’s best selling cigarettes. Philip Morris has pursued marketing research and has identified the needs of young adults. The study has helped […]

Overview of Sobranie Cigarettes

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Buy cheap Sobranie cigarettes online is an option that gives you the best experience. Or just in short version “Sobranies” Sobranie cigarettes are among the oldest and the most foreign brands around the world. The brand name was established in London back in 1879 by the famous Redstone family, and since then these cigarettes have […]

Davidoff boudoir cigarettes review

Hello! It seems the problem “what to smoke?” is for me, solved. A little background info. When I started smoking (2010), I usually smoke Kiss strawberry and Kiss apple cigarettes: then I got tired after sometimes. Somehow I saw from my friend Sweet Dreams cigarettes, I tried – and fell in love. Now they, finish, […]

Philip Morris introduce Marlboro Marijuana?

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For quite some time there have been rumors that the major tobacco manufacturer would start producing marijuana cigarettes. These stories are a result of what is in the expectation that different states in the US would be legalizing marijuana. The Big Tobacco companies were expected to get a share of the market after the legalization […]

UK TAX: The new Tobacco smoking Tax based on a Cigarette pack price of £7.35

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A new minimum excise tax (MET) will raise costs of the most affordable cigarettes and increase cigarette sales on online cigarette stores. During his Budget speech within March 2017, chancellor Philip Hammond announced. The alleged floor on cigarettes relies on a pack worth of £7.35. A MET is effectively a floor value that may hike […]

Why High Tax Rates can Benefit the Tobacco Industry?

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The evidence is additionally beginning to emerge that tobacco tax policies expedite the industry’s pricing power (and therefore its profitability). Once tobacco tax rates are high, manufacturer’s profits represent the solely a little share of the retail price. Will increase in these gains. As a result of they create a relatively minimal contribution to the […]

Who fix the cigarette prices?

Who fix the Marlboro Cigarette price

Most people in the Western world have lived their entire lives with the knowledge that cigarettes going to become so costly because of greedy governments trying to squeeze every penny they can get out of smokers. This is not the whole truth. According to the World Health Organization, the reality of the situation is that […]

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